The Modern Workspace

January 15, 2020
January 15, 2020 conceptcurious

People Matter Most

People must be at the center of your workspace. And work workplace culture has changed dramatically over the years. It’s important to have the right space (how you work) and the right place (where you work) – we often meet with business owners who don’t or can’t see how to make the changes needed to attract the right people. This affects everything.

When we started our business it was because we love people. We love the opportunities, the wins, the hurdles, even the losses all of which represented achievements and told a story. Valuable stories that need to be told.

Whether you provide a service or sell a product – there is a story in it and that’s what we look for. Every. Time.

We learned quickly that people matter most, process comes next with the result is profit and not just money in the bank. More time, more purpose, more drive to grow – often resonates louder than higher profit margins and healthier revenue. Having the right mindset and workspace culture affected everything.

As a company of discoverers, designers, developers, filmmakers, musicians, strategists and consultants we place the highest level of importance on our people, than our workspace – our environment – our place to write, design, create, craft and deliver for our clients and customers.

In the face of changing workplaces and spaces. We choose to stay unhindered by “an” office and focus on working in places that inspire our creativity and it ranges from the suburbs of Chicago, the bustle of central London to a hidden barn in the countryside, the Gulf Coast of Florida to the heart of music city, Nashville.

We’ve worked out of bedrooms, front rooms, garages, home offices, warehouses, office buildings, coffee shops and flatbed trucks. If there’s power and access to the internet, we’re doing something creative for a client.

We’ve used state of the art technology and pieced together solutions. We’ve tried and failed, won and lost – each time a story is written, another solution is discovered. A new way to brainstorm or just another way to create. It’s beautiful, it’s productive – it’s rewarding.

We’ve recognized that people with vision, process with strategy and tactics with purpose are vital to going from concept to creation, idea to implementation and it impacts how we partner with brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations.

Our Imagine. Think. Do. process has proved a worthy ingredient in being creative, constructive and is the result of people, who intentionally create the right workspace.

Imagination drives our approach to anything.
Thinking determines our performance in everything.
Doing leads to success!

Modern Workspaces

Do you change your people, the way they work or do you change the workplace culture?Everything starts and ends with vision. Without it there’s no business, no brand, no logo, no product or service.

Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Brands and Organizations need to become much more adaptable to rapid change — and their people need to be flexible, and agile – at a time when it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate and retain talent under budget.

Competitive advantage is key to your success, but you need to have the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.

If strategy determines the outcome – you need strategic thinkers
If vision drives strategy – you need visionaries dreamers

Vision and strategy with no action is like a seed never planted. If you have visionary dreamers and strategic thinkers, but not tactical operators – you’re dead in the water. Like a high speed boat with no licensed driver.


Culture changes work well when they follow a big change in your business — it might be a shift in strategy, a new executive team member, a merger or acquisition, maybe a digital or functional transformation. It’s often needed after changes in laws or regulations, increasing commitments to inclusivity, or unethical behavior events.

We’ve found these questions to be helpful when we’re assessing a strategic growth plan:

  • Are we trying to achieve new ideas with old ways of working?
  • Do we have a clear view of the people/product we have and need to have?
  • Is the tone right, from the top down? Not just a nice or friendly one, but the right tone for our business?
  • Do we believe it and live it?
  • How do we operate now, and how will it change as we transition or transform?
  • Are our people and is our culture an asset or hindrance to the change we want to make in our business strategy?
  • Are there underlying issues?

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